Replays for the Battlefield Europe PzC mod

In order to view these replays, you have to rename the DOC extensions to PZRPL!

– Both replays are representing a full victory (DV).

– Played on Rommel difficulty, with version 1.2. No cheats. Some icons were modified.

– In the first one, bonus prestige for blocking the Atlantic merchant routes and capturing major objectives (Malta, Moscow, etc.) were taken.

– In the second one, these given prestige were abandoned, so the game was played without any extra prestige! It could be finished in turn 82.

1., (25.03.2014) Barbarossa, Turn 99-Victory

2., (31.08.2014) Barbarossa, Turn 82-DV




New Bulgarian Mnt icon for IC 2.0 v1.6





1., Copy the file “Bulgarian_mnt.png” in the ……../Panzer Corps/MODS/Italian_Campaign_2.0_(1.6)/Graphics/Units folder


in the ………/Panzer Corps//Graphics/Units folder

2., Rename the equipment.doc to equipment.pzeqp

Copy the file “equipment.pzeqp” in the ……../Panzer Corps/MODS/Italian_Campaign_2.0_(1.6)/Data folder


in the ………/Panzer Corps//Data folder

3., Rename the efx.doc to efx.pzdat

Copy the file “efx.pzdat” in the ……../Panzer Corps/MODS/Italian_Campaign_2.0_(1.6)/Graphics folder


in the ………/Panzer Corps//Graphics folder

4., Restart the campaign from the end of the last scenario (Malaga).